Dave and Tara Powers: Music has been woven into the fabric of our hearts and the marrow of our bones! Our favorite kind of music is oriented around the idea of love. We’ve been married for 13 years and we stinkin’ love AND like each other! In our years together, we have encountered incredible highs, devastating lows, and everything in between. We’ve found that a commitment to love and friendship gets you through all kinds of crap… We believe in the power of love… with all of our hearts! We’re not “pro’s” at it… make a lot of mistakes, but we try make a great effort to learn how to love each other and people around us well! That’s where our songwriting and cover song preferences flow from…. love. We believe that songs can be soundtracks for people’s seasons, and we want to regularly offer love songs that are fresh, helpful, insightful, and genuine. We are storytellers, and all of our songs have stories attached to them that are meaningful to us, and hopefully to you! Spending our time on earth crafting love stories into love songs, is a JOY to us! And if, somehow, your life could be refreshed as a result of our songs and stories, if our art could help you encounter love in fresh ways, that is a win for us!

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