Our story

Dave and Tara Powers are MountainCity, a husband and wife, singer/songwriter duo from Denver, Colorado.

MountainCity combines a wide spectrum of musical styles. From its fresh folk-pop originals, an undisputed nod to American country, with its’ retro, blue-eyed soul vibe, to the modern electronic influence, MountainCity’s music is a diverse and colorful love-song playlist.

Dave and Tara’s vibrant timbre and harmonious melodies reflect the committed, authentic love shared by this musically diverse, married duo. The confluence of MountainCity’s sound creates a backdrop for storytelling and lyric-rich love songs, their true genre.

“Our favorite kind of music is rooted in the concept of love,” Dave says. “We’ve been married for 13 years and that’s where our songwriting and cover song preferences come from – love.”

Besides Dave, who plays lead guitar and sings with Tara, there are several musicians who have helped MountainCity develop its musical identity along the way. Keyboardist/vocalist, Charles Ciepiel, keyboardist/sound designer/Remix producer, Troy Welstad, bassist, Nathan Phillips, bassist/enginner/co-producer, Mike Binder, and drummers, Jon Powers and Erik Johnson have recorded and performed live with MountainCity.

Forming a band was a rather unexpected development for Dave and Tara, who have two young sons at home.

Dave and Tara, who had the privilege of adopting their youngest son in 2013, were happy for the chance to provide background dinner music at an adoption advocacy fundraiser in November of that year. They had a few favorite songs ready, but were taken by surprise when they arrived and discovered the printed program announcing, “Special Concert: Dave and Tara Powers” at the end of the program.

They ran to a nearby hallway and started practicing their short, love-song setlist. It was the first time they’d ever done anything quite like it. When it was over, they were astonished at how much they enjoyed singing love song covers with each other, for an audience. They knew they wanted to do more of that, which led them to producing some concerts at local venues, singing covers.

The cover songs they chose for those early concerts spanned decades and included a variety of musical styles. But they all had one theme: love.

Following several sold-out performances in local venues in 2014 and early 2015, averaging 200-300 attendees per show, they began to think seriously about starting a “real” band.

In 2015, Dave and Tara devoted time to writing original love songs. They scheduled regular songwriting days together and emerged with music they both really liked and wanted to record.

On December 2, 2015, the couple announced, to a sold-out theater at their annual Christmas concert, that they were officially becoming a band. They revealed the band name, MountainCity, started several social media sites and released their first single, “This is Love.”

MountainCity launched a successful crowdfunding campaign in February of 2016 and raised $26,000 through nearly 150 backers in just 30 days, enabling them to record and release one song each month.

Since June 2016, MountainCity has released one or more recordings monthly. Some songs, such as “I Miss Your Sound,” have been released in various renditions, including: the fully produced song, an instrumental version, a remix version and an instrumental remix version.

The band released their first CD December 2016. MountainCity Mixtape: Vol. 1 is only available at live concerts and their Facebok page and has 9 tracks. All the songs are original music except for the Elvis cover, “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Though their music is available on all the major retail and streaming sites, such as Apple Music, Deezer, Bandcamp, and Groove Music, the band has more than 185,000 streams on Spotify, alone. “This is Love,” their first single, released June 2016, has 27,000+ streams. MountainCity music can also be purchased through their website or at MountainCity.Bandcamp.com.

MountainCity began streaming weekly on Facebook Live in November 2016. The live audience plus subsequent views is averaging 6000 viewers weekly. Their Facebook Fan Page has nearly 57,000 Likes to date.

“We tell love stories,” Dave tells people.

Tara explains their “why” this way: “Whether it’s through our recorded music or in live venues, we want to create environments where people who are stressed can be refreshed a bit, and where people who have temporarily lost sight of what love is can encounter it in fresh ways.”

“We’re writing songs based on our long, loving relationships. These are stories of the love we have with our children, our parents, our grandparents, family and friends. We want to do music that refreshes and restores you,” she tells audiences.

What are we up to now?

MountainCity streams on Facebook Live each Wednesday night at 7:30pm MST where they sing songs, spotlight other artists and sponsors, and interact with the online audience. The band performs live concerts, festivals, and house concerts nationally. They’re currently preparing for an upcoming tour after recently joining a Nashville-based management company, and plan to release a Christmas EP later this year. When they’re not playing live shows, they’re at work songwriting, recording and releasing songs.

Get the latest news on their upcoming concerts, recordings, lyrics and the stories behind the music on their weekly blog.

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